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A Yorktown Beach Engagement: Katie + Gage

September 25, 2013

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When Katie and Gage decided on Yorktown Beach for their engagement session, I was thrilled.  See, I had only been there one other time, and it did not turn out so well.  Last summer, I decided to take my boys to Yorktown Beach for the day.  I will spare you the details, but let’s just say that the day ended before it began.  We had been there for literally FIVE minutes before Tyler fell on the rocks and was bleeding from his big toe to his calf.  We went home.  After. FIVE. minutes.  So, even though I had never done an engagement session there before, I knew the results HAD to be better than my last visit.  And they were.  Like, a million, bazillion times better.  Katie and Gage rocked this session, and we had a blast in the process.  These two are so fun to be around and their story is soooo sweet!

It was early in the morning and she was already anxiously scouring her closet for the perfect outfit.   This was their first date, and although she felt like she knew him forever… weeks of texting and talking on the phone will do that… this was the first time they would lay eyes on each other. And she wanted to make an impression.  A big one. 

He sat behind the wheel of his Mustang, making the drive to her apartment for the first time.  His friends had been telling him how amazing she was for weeks.  And he had seen pictures.  Yes, it helped that she was gorgeous.    And he knew that they would have a blast.  That helped to ease his mind… but not enough.  So, on the way to her house, he called her on the phone and asked for directions to her apartment.  He already knew the way to her apartment but he had to do something to keep his heart inside his chest.  So he talked to her.  All the way to her apartment.

Katie turned the corner at the top of her apartment stairs, and there, leaning up against his Mustang, was a tall, dark, and handsome young man.  And he had a dimple.  That dimple!  Not only was he engaging and sweet… characteristics she had grown to love in the past weeks… but he was handsome as well.  In that moment, she knew her life would never be the same.

Katie and Gage ended their first date on a dock on the James River. Tow years later, they returned to that dock.  Gage asked Katie to go to dinner with him, his uncle, and his cousin, whom was waiting for them on that dock.  But, once they arrived, Gage made his true plans known.  He planned to make Katie his.  Forever.   And he wanted to ask for her hand in the very same place where their love had begun to grow.  There, on a dock on the James River… the same dock they had shared time on during their first date… Gage knelt on one knee and asked for her forever.  And she said yes.

Katie and Gage,

I had a blast with the two of you, wandering around the beach and getting to know you.  You are both so sweet, and I am thrilled that you have chosen to include me in this special time in your lives.  Your Vintager Inn Wedding will be A-MAZING, I’m sure! I hope you enjoy these images for many years.

M 🙂

Yorktown Beach was an ideal location for Katie and Gage’s engagement session.  So much meaning within their relationship is tied into the water.  It’s perfect when couples choose settings that are personal and special to them.  And check out these images!  Melt. My. Heart.

Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-1

Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-4
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-15
Lost in their moment…
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-29
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-48
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-37
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-44
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-116
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-121
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-60
One of my favorites. Aren’t they adorable?!?!
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-68
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-66
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-74

Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-109

Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-101

Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-113
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-139
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-145
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-132
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-136
Katie… You are gorgeous. Gah!
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-150
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-148
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-166
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-175
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-190
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-195
Another fav. Such sweet love.
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-194
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-238
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-242
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-263
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-267
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-266
Check out that stunning ring. Way to go, Gage! 🙂
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-289
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-290
We are a bunch of rule followers… Can’t you tell?
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-212
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-339
They could be models. LOVE this one!
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-351 Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-353 Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-298 Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-293 Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-306 Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-324 Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-319 Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-337
Those eyes!
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-365 Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-386 Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-371 Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-392
Gage must be hilarious!
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-404
Yorktown Beach Engagement-Katie-and-Gage-401

To view more of Katie and Gage’s Yorktown Beach Engagement, click here for a slideshow, or visit their client site!

Happy Friday, friends!

M xoxo

  1. Danielle says:

    Love, love these, Michelle. Your posing is so great!

  2. […] Happy Monday, friends!  And if you want to see the full blog post from Katie and Gage’s Vintager Inn wedding, be sure to follow my blog to be notified when posted!  Visit the couple’s engagement blog post here! […]

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